Zeitgeist - tasteless, pointless, Significant!
1. Zeitgeist - Spargeltarzan 8:47
2. Zeitgeist - Zeitenwandler 7:15
3. Zeitgeist - Leichtgewicht 9:47
4. Zeitgeist - Suppenkasper 8:18
5. Zeitgeist - Schmierlappen 9:20
6. Zeitgeist - Klingentanz 11:33
7. Zeitgeist - Kantenbeisser 9:25
8. Zeitgeist - Schnabeltasse 9:09

by radioactive_cake

Zeitgeist - tasteless, pointless, Significant!


This is my 4th Zeitgeist album and while anybody might think it's tasteless or pointless - I'm telling you, it's absolutely SIGNIFICANT! That's all :) Mix of zenonesque-type, groovy, funk and jazz-infused, progressive day-time psytrance...if you want to put it into that overarching psytrance category. Either way, I like to think it that doesn't really fit into any category. This album is my personal milestone as Zeitgeist, one of my many projects, and has moved many legs and feet, through big rigs at massive outdoor dancefloors. It has an absolutely unique style to it, it's one of a kind.

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Robert is a Berlin based producer and mastering engineer, who has done pioneering "work" in psychedelic electronic music and released numerous albums/EPs with multiple music projects like Radioactive.Cake, Zeitgeist, Munstrous and Dark Passenger. Robert made his first productions in 1999 and gradually evolved into a presentable and later established artist in Psytrance...or rather a sub genre of it, called Dark Progressive or Psygressive Trance. He is also busy in other genres, such as Progressive Techno and experimental music for the occasional drift-away. Robert is also an abstract graphic artist<-hey hey hey...easy on the "artist" there->and you'll find some of those creations as NFTs.

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