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Read my profile before buying. .Please DM with any questions. Love 1/1 Art. Love to connect audio to art and physical items.My art is raw/analog digitally edited with a mono old school and relic feel. AI/Mixedmedia/Collage/Physical artwork. Let me take you what's inside my head. I try to grab moments,feelings,colours and sound to share them with you. Love to connect with the Enter community to create and grow together. Future collector and investing in future talent. In for the long term. Based in Rotterdam(Netherlands). ------------------------------------------------ Current projects on my page: Phunky Axes:Guitar Art. Collectable NFT cards of custom quality guitars. Vintage(Relic) Guitars from the 70'/90's All Fenders and parcasters with quality parts. Unique Project first series of minted guitars worldwide(Great long term investment) Physical item included. Minted in the first year of Enter.art Limited edition of 20 pieces. Buyer receives the NFT/Physical item/Physical Card. Prices incl. shipment and hardcase. Dm for any questions ----------------------------------------------- Phunky Axes “Limited Custom Series” Only 10 Pieces will be minted in this collection. These Axes will be build from new/vintage materials. After the building process the owner will be handed the personalized video NFT. ----------------------------------------------- Payment info: If you see something you like to buy through BNB Dm me and i will re-list it

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