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Avith Ortega is an artist based in Mexico whom makes music of diverse genres such as Ambient, Trip Hop, Downtempo, Electronic, among others. He started releasing triphop/ambient/instrumental music in 2012 with the album The Spill, being every album a story, with songs that goes from soft and eerie to harsh and dark, always ment to be musical and emotional, taking inspiration from psychological survival horror games and movies, continuing producing more albums with this approach. Later in 2015 he started on electronic music, releasing (under the same name at the beginning) his first Electronic album "contrasting nuances". Electronic music from 70's and 80's is one of his main influences, so the always-evolving, atmospheric, and dream-analog sounds are present in his music, combined with the sound of modern instruments creates a hybrid style in his electronic releases. Currently he makes TripHop/Ambient music as Avith Ortega, electronic music as Avitronic, and Techno music as AVITECH. He also composes music for videogames, were some projects are still being in production, soon to be released.


Avith Ortega - The Spill


Avith Ortega - Altered Shrine


Avith Ortega - Sinergy


Avith Ortega - Metastasis


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